Finding the Right Headhunter for your Executive Search

Headhunters are specialized agencies that take a more focused approach to finding high qualified business professionals, many of whom may not be currently in the job search phrase. When looking to hire a headhunter for your executive search in the oil and gas industry, consider the following:

  • Industry specific
  • Experience as a headhunter
  • Oil and gas experience
  • With specific areas, i.e. Legal

Choosing the right headhunter is like finding the right lawyer for an important case – you want the most competent and qualified representation you can possibly find.

Finding qualified talent with industry experience

As demands in in the oil and gas industry continue to rise, finding the right talent and candidate to fill some of the positions can difficult.  An experienced oil and gas headhunter is flexible in their practice and sees beyond the short-term goal.

Never hesitate to ask the company for referrals and references. A good headhunter will have lots of referrals and references. Take the time to talk with each reference – this will provide you with valuable insight on his or her practices. Your research will ultimately reveal the right person or company for your headhunting needs.


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