The 2014 Martz Winter Symposium: Natural Resource Industries and the Sustainability Challenge

Last week, our founder of the Dahill Group, Elizabeth Dahill, attended The 2014 Martz Winter Symposium: Natural Resources Industries and the Sustainability Challenge, on February 27th & 28th. The turn out was great, as well as the overall cohesiveness of the event. The symposium did a wonderful job of recognizing the considerable challenges natural resource industries face in their efforts to work towards sustainable practices in the context of resource extraction and development.

The promise of sustainability will rely on natural resource industries, which have come to realize that they can actually save money by embracing more sustainable practices. Panelists and thought leaders from all different backgrounds and disciplines gathered to discuss specific challenges from all ends of this issue. The melting pot of different perspectives and opinions is great for keeping relevant players open-minded. It allows us to not be limited in our efforts to work toward our common desire: building a strong foundation for a healthy world for the generations after us.

Events like these are vital to a world that is changing so greatly at such a rapid pace, and it was refreshing to see such a diverse group of people engaging in serious efforts to ensure a bright future for our country at the First Annual Martz Winter Symposium. We at the Dahill Group look forward to continuing to innovate and adapt to what is best for our ever-changing environment.

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