Massive Spike in Job Creation in the U.S. Oil & Natural Gas Industry, Policies Permitting

Not only does the oil and natural gas industry support 9.8 million men and women in the United States, the professions are well-paid and highly skilled. With the right government policies in place, the oil and natural gas industry can be enabled to create a plethora of jobs that can help grow the U.S. economy, and provide greater energy security for our nation.

A recent study by Wood Mackenzie found that by 2030, nearly 1.4 million new jobs could be added if there are indeed policies that encourage the development of America’s oil and natural gas resources.

A few examples are as follows:
• Development of Marcellus Shale alone could create over 200,000 jobs by 2015
• The opening of Florida to exploration and development could result in up to 100,000 jobs by 2016
• U.S. State Department approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline could generate nearly 85,000 jobs by 2020

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