Interview Tips for Getting that Oil, Gas Job

Below is a summary of an article that I feel hits on many vital points of how to ace an interview in the oil and gas industry. I would like to highlight the importance of preparation during this process, not only preparing for the interview, but also for initial phone calls and any contact with the potential employer or recruiters. It is imperative for candidates show that they have done their homework on the company and the position in order to be considered for a position in oil and gas.

This past week on Rigzone, Jon Mainwaring described interviewing tips to get that oil & gas job. Rigzone talked with companies in the industry, ranging from energy recruiters to oil and gas firms to formulate the following tips. Mainwaring broke interview tips down into four categories: Preparation, Presentation, Coping with Nerves, and Interview Conduct.

A series of steps can be used to help individuals succeed during the interview process. The first step is to thoroughly research the company that you are applying, which can begin through visiting the company website to familiarize yourself on the history and growth of the company. The second step is to know the job description and fit your experience to match a company’s needs from the description. Lastly, candidates should prepare questions and take notes during the interview.
Mainwaring suggested candidates visit the company’s social media platforms to help fully understand values as well as recent company news. Another obvious but key element in preparing for an interview would be to know all details on your resume, CV, and application. Candidates should be ready to answer any questions related to their resume, CV, or application during the interview. The last tip Mainwaring provided for interview preparation is to utilize your research on the company to understand where the company” fits within the wider oil and gas supply chain”.

Mainwaring describes the best way to present yourself for an for an oil and gas role is to dress smart. “Think about the impression you want to create and dress appropriately for the role.” Dressing smart and making a good impression consists of woman wearing a suit or conservative dress and men wearing a conservative suit, long sleeved shirt, and tie. Minimal amounts of jewelry and perfume or cologne is also suggested.

Coping with Nerves
Candidates can use their nerves as an advantage, “nerves can often trigger an ultimately more polished performance” Candidates should take confidence in the reality that the company has asked the them to the interview for a reason. A large part of the interview is for the company to see if a candidate’s personality fits the job and to learn more about details listed on the candidate’s resume. Preparation also plays a large role in calming and controlling one’s nerves; if a candidate is prepared they will be able to handle any aspect of the interview.

Mainwaring complied a short checklist of how candidates should conduct themselves during an interview:

  • Good first impression- firm hand shake, smile, good eye contact
  • Talk in future tense
  • Sell yourself- highlight experience and skills
  • Focus on positive aspect of past employment, avoid negatives
  • do not ask about compensation, this can be discussed if offer is made
  • Express your want for the job

Source: Rigzone |

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