An Increase in Women Working in the Oil and Gas Industry

It is always encouraging to hear positive news regarding an increase in oil and gas jobs, and specifically for females. My hope is that  this generation of young women will have more opportunities to break the glass ceiling and therefore have a larger impact on the industry. I believe a path as been paved  for woman to enter the oil and gas industry through the hard work and perseverance of woman like myself. I found this article in Power Source to be interesting and motivational for the woman in our workforce, below are the details.

“Hannah McAvoy, 28, of Burgettstown and Jess Ullom, 38, of Washington, Pa. are both environmental technicians with Range Resources.” Madasyn Czebiniak reported in Power Source. The two women joined the oil  and gas industry due to the opportunities  the industry provided them, which they could not find elsewhere.

These two woman are not alone in expanding their opportunities through joining  the oil and gas community.  According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the amount of woman in oil and gas support activities has recently more than doubled  with 33,000  woman in roles this past June. ” By 2030, 185,000  woman could be in oil and gas related jobs, a 2014 study from the global information company IHS reports.”

Not only is the industry gaining female employees, but over the past 10 years an approximate 144% increase has been seen for both men and woman entering in related occupations. In other words,  127,200 employees in 2004 versus 310,600 as of May of 2014.

The oil and gas industry offers an array of jobs from upstream to downstream, but woman appear to be most involved in downstream and petrochemical phases of production, again my hope is for woman to continue to evolve in the industry and expand their expertise.

The fact is that oil and gas is still a male-dominated industry , ” In 2013, oil giant BP and Rigzone produced a study in which they surveyed 3,026 oil and gas professionals. Of the study’s respondents, 20% said they strongly believed  gender-based discrimination is still alive and well in the industry.” explained Czebiniak.  Ms. Ullom reported she has experienced such discrimination during previous employment, but has not encountered it at Range Resources and Ms. AcAvoy agreed.

Times are changing and Nicille Snyder Bagnell, an oil and gas attorney with Reed Smith, remembers the first oil and gas conference she attended back in the early 2000’s, “I remember going and coming back to work and telling my boss that he should have told me to wear my blue blazer because there were no other woman, and that has changed dramatically”

Keep moving forward ladies, we are making progress!



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