Female Presence in O&G C-Suite Rises with Latest CFO Appointment

This week in OILPRO Jeff Reed recognized an exciting trend that is underway in the Oil and Gas industry. The predicted trend will diversify the work force through including more women in C-Suite roles.  As OILPRO reported back in September of this year, Baker Hughes appointed Kimberly A. Ross as its new CFO. Two days ago Quicksilver Resources, a Fort Worth- based E&P company, appointed Vanessa Gomez LaGatta as the new Senior Vice President, CFO , and Treasurer, effective January 1, 2015. Vanessa has a total of 15 years of financial experience in the energy industry and has been with Quicksilver Resources since September 2009. For the complete article about Quicksilver Resources’ new CFO click here.

As this trend evolves in 2015, employer’s need to focus in on how to attract and retain women in the Oil & Gas industry.  Do not let your company fall behind as a result of neglecting to tap into the network of talented woman in this industry.

Ways to Attract and Retain Woman for your Company:

  • Promote Equality for all workers, no matter their gender, women want to be taken seriously and treated equally in any position they hold.
  • Create a welcoming work place; the fact is that the Oil and Gas workforce is currently male dominated.
    • Reach out and show candidates that there are already woman in the company
    • Maintain adequate benefits, especially parental benefits
  • Provide Mentoring; mentorship is key in helping individuals feel supported and progress with their careers

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