‘Tis the Season for Giving

American Oil and Gas companies are not often thought of for their overwhelming generosity, which is quite inaccurate because the Oil and Gas industry is in fact a huge contributor to local and national communities. We often forget to recognize all the good that the Oil and Gas industry brings not only to the economy through employing over 9.2 million Americans, but also to the entire population. On a large scale, there are three companies that have stood out tremendously for serving more than just a bottom line.

#1-Cabot Oil and Gas has stepped up in a big way by donating a $25,000 check to their local Pennsylvania volunteer fire departments.  They also lend a hand to the ” Books on Wheels” van, which delivers books to six different county school districts. When the program’s van could not meet inspection, Cabot funded the cost of new van.

#2-ExxonMobil invests in future generations through giving over $125 million to the National Math and Science Initiative to help all types of students excel in the classroom and preparing both students and teachers for the evolving world of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

#3- Chevron helps support economic growth through partnering with a company called Kiva.org, which is the world’s first person-to-person micro-lending website allowing small businesses to get off their feet.

Back in Colorado and on a smaller scale, but still making huge positive community splashes, COGA, the Colorado Oil & Gas Association, held an Oilfield Helping Hands Bowling & Billiard Bash earlier this December. The event was dedicated to benefiting oilfield families in financial crisis. Participants at the bash brought gifts to benefit the Toys for Tots Foundation. The list continues on and on of how American Oil and Gas companies help the communities around them and we must not forget all they do for us on both a large and small scale

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