Recruiting: An Inclusive Profession

The world lost a trailblazer in the legal and recruiting profession this past week. Legal recruiter and diversity advocate Martha Africa died on January 21st of cancer at the age of 71. Reporter Patience Haggin developed wonderful article in The Recorder, which highlighted this woman’s importance in the recruiting and legal field. Africa joined Major, Lindsey and Africa, a legal search firm, while it was in its early years, and continued to work there until her death. “She advocated extensively for the diversification of the legal profession and founded the American Bar Association’s Women Rainmakers” Haggin wrote.

Africa was instrumental in helping and touching the lives of so many people through her career. She is a prime example how I feel about recruiting.  Recruiting is more than just being a headhunter or talent agent, but  it is being trusted advisor, counselor, and very much of the time a close friend.

“She planted seeds everyplace. Everybody’s got a story about how she empowered them,” Africa’s Husband , Steve Levine reported for The Recorder.

Read the full article at


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