Bridging the Gap for the Top- Ranked Female STEM Students

“PriceWaterhouse Cooper’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey released at the World Economic Forum in Davos revealed that executives are increasing their focus on diversity and inclusion strategies as a crucial component to amassing the right mix of talent that can be altered based on business needs.” reported Deb Owen in The Blog for The Huffington Post.

Female students are taking charge in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) subjects. The national rankings released by STEM- Premier revealed 23 of the top 50 students were female. Students with STEM profiles representing all 50 states were ranked and rated based on an algorithm of over 30 profile metrics. This data proves the talent is present, although woman still have to fight the odds to maintain that ranking throughout their careers.   “Inequalities and bias in STEM-related fields continue; and statistics show nearly one in five women in STEM leave the workforce.” concluded Deb Owen in The Blog.

There is still a large gap between projected need for talent with STEM knowledge and the supply of the talent, a common supply vs. demand gap.  A growing concern of  CEO’s and business leaders is finding and retaining employees with critical thinking and problem solving skills strong enough to support and nourish the future’s global business environment. These skills are found in individuals who have a strong educational background focused in STEM. How do we begin bridge this gap? A good start is mentorship, highlighting women who do well in both traditional and non-traditional STEM fields, creating pathways that bridge the gaps between education to career, and employing diversity and inclusion strategies in talent acquisition and retention as described in The Blog by Deb Owen.

“Remaining competitive in today’s business environment requires utilizing unique and disruptive external sourcing strategies that include connecting with underserved and underrepresented segments of the population in the development of the talent pipeline,” said Steve Ferguson, Chairman of the Board of Cook Group Inc.

This data is empowering and validating for all females, we have the talent and ability to succeed in may different fields, including those involving STEM subject matter.

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