How to Communicate Effectively

“The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives.”
-Anthony Robbins

It is important to keep in mind the specific things that will make the way you communicate more effective. These tips below do not only apply to leaders or people in authoritative positions, but to everyone. These communication tips are effective no matter who you are, what field you are in, what position you hold, or who you are speaking to.

1. Know your audience: Think about what people need to hear from you, and how to delivery the message so that the target audience will be able to hear it.
2. Pay attention to body language: Constantly track people’s physical reactions to your message, and adjust your communication style if needed.
3. Be honest: Honesty builds trust.
4. Be authentic: If you stay true to who you are, people will gravitate more to your message.
5. Speak with authority: Be clear, direct, and assertive.
6. Speak to groups as individuals: Be able to work a room and make every single person feel as if he or she is being spoken to directly.
7. Listen: Communication is a two-way street, so actively listen and stay focused on understanding the other person’s perspective.
8. Admit your mistakes: Model accountability for your words and actions.
9. Solicit feedback: Check in to verify that your message was understood correctly. If not, try again.
10. Be proactive: Give clear, concise goals and directions so people don’t waste their time heading in the wrong direction.

Source: “10 Communication Secrets of Great Leaders” by Dr. Travis Bradberry

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