Building A Positive Work Environment = Great Employees

Creating a positive work environment is key to attracting and retaining great employees.

We came across a very informative article for tips on creating a great place to work.

1) Be flexible:
Modern technology means that many companies are no longer reliant on the traditional 9-5 workday.

2) Communicate:
Besides keeping employees in the loop, frequent communication also reminds employees they are part of the team.

3) Recognize success:
70% of employees say meaningful recognition has no dollar value
Top 5 forms of recognition awards are: certificates, cash, gift certificates, food, company merchandise

4) Offer development opportunities:
Studies show that promoting staff to senior roles from within the company provides benefits such as reducing turnover and increasing productivity.
Provide professional development by: offering on-the-job training, reimbursing for continued education and training, creating opportunities for employees to connect and network, establishing a graduate scheme to fast-track promising alumni, adopting a mentor-ship program

5) Build trust:
Proactively build interpersonal trust
Communicate with predictability

6) Give and receive feedback:
People may not like giving negative feedback, but everyone wants to hear it– as long as it’s constructive.

7) Provide a sense of purpose:
Employees who are able to find meaning and purpose within their roles are healthier, happier, and more productive

Both employees and employers benefit from a great workplace. Having a positive work environment ensures that you will both attract and retain top talent. Satisfied employees will in turn reward your company with strong financial performance, as well as spread the word about their positive work experience.


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