Looking for a new job in mid-late career

Many oil and gas companies are trying to find ways to remain stable during the global oil bust, and cost-cutting has taken shape in many forms. Many workers are finding themselves looking for jobs, something that may seem foreign to those who have been at the same company for at least several years.

The process can be intimidating. “One of the biggest fears older job-seekers or job changers have is that they don’t have the skills to compete with younger job candidates,” Dave Weir, career and business coach to mid-career professionals and CEO of Leadership Optimized, told Rigzone. “Another fear is that no one will hire an older worker.”

While older job-seekers may encounter ageism – stereotyping and discriminating against individuals based on their age – experience and wisdom is something that will always be valuable in the oil and gas industry.

Rigzone offers a couple of key tips to those who are forced in their middle-later stages of their careers:

Evaluate yourself- figure out what you like and dislike.
Know your personal brand- be able to articulate clearly your strengths and desires in your career.
Embrace change- taking a leap into something new can be a positive step, especially coupled with the right mindset.

Source: http://www.rigzone.com/news/article.asp?a_id=143332#sthash.IBYFPfPy.dpuf

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