April 2018 Newsletter

In our January newsletter we addressed the latest sign of recovery in the oil and gas industry: the rise of hiring. With hiring becoming more predominant, it is also proven to be a challenge. Between filtering through hundreds of applicants, overseeing multiple interviews, plus every small detail in between, the hiring process can be tedious. Considering all of these common hiring challenges, I wanted to share with you The Dahill Group’s veteran insight on how an industry specific recruiter can help you to alleviate the hiring process.

Established pool of talent:  Being an industry specific recruiter, we have been able to build a network of top talent candidates with a history of proven performance. Here is how our pool of talent differs from a full-service recruiter:

  • Our candidates are have been pre-screened for their demonstrated skills and strengths in the oil and gas industry.
  • Majority of our candidates are not actively searching for a new job, but are open to being presented to new opportunities.
  • Since majority of our candidates are not actively searching, we know where to find them and how to reach them. Otherwise, these candidates would normally not surface.

Our role in today’s competitive market:

  • We specialize in upstream, midstream and oilfield services. We approach every search with an in-depth knowledge of the job duties and responsibilities in multiple fields including engineering, executive, IT, finance, legal and much more.
  • Our goal is to understand each of our client’s specific requirements and hiring needs to help accelerate company performance.
  • We believe that people are the most crucial asset of any company. That is why we strive to find the ideal candidate to provide a valuable asset to fit the organization’s needs and culture.

Ready to learn more?  Please visit us at TheDahillGroup.com to learn how we can help provide solutions for your hiring needs.

Cheers to a prosperous year for us all in the O&G industry! And, as always, The Dahill Group is dedicated to serving the hard-working professionals in the O&G industry, so feel free to reach out to us anytime as 2018 begins to unfold.

Warm Regards,

Elizabeth Dahill


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