Colorado Thriving

I grew up as an oil patch kid and remain committed to the hard working women and men in the industry. The oil and gas community has been facing severe scrutiny and setbacks that will have a direct impact on our state’s economy.   The Colorado Oil & Gas Association just released a comprehensive report clearly outlining the significant economic impacts the oil and gas industry has on everything that we do here in Colorado. “’This report demonstrates how a strong oil and natural gas sector benefits all Coloradans by ensuring that everyone has access to the great outdoors, good schools, and infrastructure to meet the needs of our growing population,’ said Dan Haley, President and CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association.”

Clearly we need to move towards sustainable energy resources beyond fossil fuels, but the process cannot be done overnight, and important issues need to be discussed, without emotion or partisanship.

Click here to read the full report on COGA’s website. For us to protect our economy the industry needs to continue to operate here in CO.

Warm Regards,

Elizabeth Dahill

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