May 2019 – Elizabeth’s Editorial: Industry of Today and Opportunities for Tomorrow

When hiring for the next critical role in your organization, you may find yourself with an abundance of applicants. Each candidate has their own unique skill set and background that could bring real value to your company. Or, you may be on the opposite side where qualified candidates are slowly trickling through. This lack of applicants can leave you feeling unsure if you have uncovered the right candidate. Whichever situation you find yourself in, both sides are faced with the same problem: How are you to be sure if a candidate is the right and long term fit for what your team needs?

Rarely does anyone ever find the “perfect” candidate that checks every single box. Certain soft skill qualities such as strong work ethic aren’t taught, but come naturally with different people. Hunt Scanlon published an article on Seven Qualities of a Perfect Candidate that are easy to observe during your next interview. These traits include concise and clear communication; an executive presence; being prepared; being honest, open and transparent; conscious of interview etiquette; and being receptive to feedback. Click here to read the full article.

The Dahill Group recently published a newsletter on the importance of diversity of thought candidates. Even if the candidate you interviewed may not check every single box, think about the how this candidate differs from others in your company and how their unique background could contribute innovative ideas. You can uncover these candidates by asking situational questions from their experience and their individual contributions to company ideas or creating new methods.

While consulting an inner network when looking for new candidates can be a good start, looking outside of your immediate network can produce top talent candidates that would not have otherwise surfaced. The Dahill Group sources candidates through multiple network strings and those who are not actively looking to make a change and would not be found through job boards. If you’re feeling stuck in the hiring process or interested in seeing a different pool of talent, The Dahill Group wants to help you navigate through the competitive candidate market and to guarantee you are brining on the right fit for your team.


Elizabeth Dahill

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