Elizabeth’s Editorial: Industry of Today and Opportunities for Tomorrow – June 2019

Back in the day, jobs in the energy sector were considered blue-chip, stable, big money employment; however, those perceptions are now changing. Younger generations do not see the industry the same way as their parents and grandparents. In a report published by Ernst and Young, in which they surveyed millennials and gen z’ers nationwide, found that younger generations see the industry as harmful to society; short-lived with the development of new energy sources; and that jobs in oil and gas do not provide long-term stability.

These up and coming generations care more about social issues including gender equality, diversity, and the environment more than ever before. They care about the impact their work will have on the world. Increasingly, the younger generations primarily see the industry as unstable, blue-collar and dangerous to workers as well as the environment. Click here to read the full report.

So, how do we reach these generations and revive their interest in the oil and gas industry? For one, consider recruiting from colleges and universities that have students graduating locally to where your company is located. Many young people are not interested in relocating to Houston (for example), but if that’s the community they grew up in they are more likely to want to stay there. Also, consider changes in compensation packages – stock bonuses are not necessarily as attractive as cash benefits and salaries that allow the flexibility to pay for immediate costs like college loans, child care and housing expenses.

If you’re looking to attract new, young recruits to the oil and gas market, The Dahill Group is here to support you in redefining the work/life balance options you offer that the younger generation is seeking.

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